25 May 2017

The South African National Lottery is happy to announce that two of the biggest PowerBall and LOTTO jackpots won from KwaZulu-Natal have been claimed by two ecstatic men from the region. The two winners from Durban won R58.7 million and R34.4 million respectively.


The man who bought his ticket from Ladysmith while travelling to Durban could not contain his excitement when he realised that he was the winner of the life-changing R58.7 million PowerBall PLUS jackpot. The winner in his 50s bought his ticket for only R30 and randomly selected his numbers. He told Ithuba that he plans on investing most of his winnings to prepare for his retirement and will continue working. ‘I have always wanted to have my own farm and spend my retirement years taking care the land and flock’, said the winner.


The second multi-millionaire winner from Umlazi, a man his 30s, said he was beyond happy about his winnings especially since he is unemployed. The winner bought his ticket at a Spar in Umlazi where he spent R60 and won the R34.4 million LOTTO jackpot. The LOTTO winner said he plans on investing in property and will invest the rest of his winnings. He also has intentions of helping his family improve their lives and will buy a house for his parents. The winner also plans to travel and will also start a business to ensure that he never has to suffer again from poverty.


Both winners received financial advice, trauma and emotional counselling. The service offered by Ithuba to its winner is to ensure that winners are able to deal with their newly found financial statuses. The service also includes advice on property and business.

To those who have not yet won anything from the lottery, these two winners advise players not stop trying and to also play if they are able to afford and play responsibly.


21 April 2017

The Gauteng man who struck lucky twice on the PowerBall game has come forward to claim his winnings. The winner, who has asked not to be named, bought his two winning tickets with the same numbers from two different stores in the East of Johannesburg. Yes, two tickets that won in the same draw!   


The winner who has been a regular lottery player since inception told Ithuba that he has, without fail, always played specific numbers and trusted that some day his numbers will come through.  He told Ithuba that he bought the first ticket on a Friday morning while on his way to work and forgot that he had played, and made another bet later on the same day.


On that PowerBall draw, the jackpot was R30.6 million and there were four winning tickets each worth R7.6 million and the lucky Johannesburg-based engineer walked away with R15.2 million. The PowerBall draw took place on 24 March 2017.


The first winning ticket was bought at One Stop Spar in Kempton Park where he played for R45.00 and the second winning ticket was purchased at Brenthurst Supermarket, Brakpan where he also played for another R45.00. Upon discovering that he had won, he kept on checking and re-checking his two tickets, in disbelief.


The winner says he plans on investing most of his winnings which will go towards retirement and also settle all of his debts including his bond and car repayments.  The winner informed Ithuba that he had also been one of those affected by the Johannesburg floods last year where his car was swept away by the floods. “This is indeed a miracle, as I can now pay off the debt I had incurred for the new vehicle and also help those in need around me”, said the PowerBall winner.  



The winner described the experience as surreal and unbelievable. “My wife and I still wake up in the middle of the night in disbelief. This is the biggest win that the winner has had and came in two folds.

Ithuba congratulates the winner and this is a rare win, one that the lottery operator has not seen before. When asked whether he will continue working, the winner responded, “I will continue working and later retire on the coast”.


To those who have not yet won anything on the lottery, the winner advises players to not stop trying and to also play if they are able to afford and play responsibly.






06 April 2017

IT’S definitely jackpot bonanza this weekend for lottery players across the country, together the jackpots stand at an unbelievable R118 Million.

With a hefty R54 million or R33 million in someone’s bank account or possibly walk away with both jackpots, the winners will have no worries about the rand value dropping and will get to travel to an international destination of their choice or even get that dream house right here in Mzansi. 

The PowerBall PLUS is estimated at a life-changing R54 million, LOTTO PLUS coming in with the amazing R33 million and LOTTO, PowerBall estimated at R18 million and R13 million respectively. 

Whatever your dream is, it could all be possible with these amazing jackpots.

Players can either choose their own numbers or let the system do the trick with the QuickPick option for the much-awaited PowerBall and LOTTO draws, one thing certain is that the winners’ lives will change forever.

Tickets are for these incredible Jackpots are available on, retailers nationwide and mobile device channels such as FLASH, Kazang and A2PAY as well banking channels available. 


23 March 2017

Month-end blues can be a thing of the past with the two massive jackpots for PowerBall and PowerBall PLUS on the line this Friday, 24 March 2017.


This Friday’s draw sees the PowerBall PLUS jackpot at an all-time high of R43 million and the PowerBall jackpot estimated at R29 million.  To have a jackpot winning ticket, the player will have to match all five numbers and the PowerBall. Ticket sales close 30 minutes before the draw.

Coming with yet another life-changing jackpot is LOTTO PLUS estimated at R29 million for the Saturday draw on 25 March 2017. The winner of this jackpot would have to match all six numbers to walk away with the jackpot.

Lottery tickets are available from National Lottery retailers nationwide, OR online:, and mobile device channels such as FLASH, Kazang and A2PAY.

Players need to be 18 years or older to play. Phanda Pusha Play to make your dreams come true!


Free State housewife becomes R26 million richer with LOTTO PLUS

10 March 2017

The Free State winner has finally come forward to claim her winnings.


Since the Lottery was launched in the country 17 years ago, this housewife – now turned millionaire – has always played the LOTTO game whenever she had extra cash.


Today, the Free State housewife has a bank account worth the value of a Caribbean Private Island. The R26, 550, 301 windfall was the biggest ever jackpot for LOTTO PLUS since the game’s inception.


The winner carefully selected her 6 winning numbers and only purchased the ticket for R15. She told Ithuba that her and her husband usually spent R500 on a monthly basis on LOTTO AND LOTTO PLUS tickets, and that this jackpot was the first winnings ever.


The very emotional winner described how she found out that she was the jackpot winner, “I found out about the winning ticket while standing in my kitchen and checking the numbers from a text message on my phone. When I got to the 3rd correct number, I just started screaming, shaking and spinning around. I was unbelievably excited. I phoned my husband, but he couldn’t believe it either and said that I should make sure first. I then phoned the Ithuba office, who confirmed that I did in fact win”.


The winner says she plans on investing most of the money to prepare for their retirement. They have both always wanted to tour South Africa, and will now be able to afford it, and she would also like to take her husband on a long-term dream of going to visit Namibia and Malawi.


Tearful, the winner said, “we never thought that we would ever win, things like this don’t happen to people like us, we are poor people”.


Both with her husband, the winner received financial advice, psychological and emotional counselling.

Free State has a new LOTTO PLUS multi-millionaire

Ithuba’s biggest ever LOTTO PLUS Jackpot Winner of R26 million 

02 March 2017

ITHUBA is delighted to announce its latest jackpot winner of the LOTTO PLUS mega million jackpot of R26 million, which was won last night 01 March. 

ITHUBA celebrates with a Free State player after scooping the R26, 550, 301, 34 jackpot. This is the 7th jackpot winner from the province. The LOTTO PLUS winning ticket was purchased at RM Bottle Store in Henneman, Free State. The winner made a manual bet of R15.00 and selected their own six numbers – and has immediately become South Africa’s latest multi-millionaire. The winner is yet to come forward and claim their newly-found millions.


ITHUBA would like to urge another lottery player from Free State who has not yet come forward to claim the PowerBall winning ticket of R9.4 million. The draw for this ticket was 24 February 2017. This winning ticket was a Quick Pick ticket bought at the Post Office in Ficksburg, Free State. 


Ithuba congratulates the LOTTO PLUS winner and encourages all players to spend their winnings wisely, ensuring they make use of all the winner’s services available. Once a winner has come forward to claim their winnings, they receive financial advice and planning from Ithuba as well as emotional counselling which aims to assist the winners with their new financial statuses.

All winners have 365 days to claim before their tickets expire. Prizes up to R2 000 can be claimed at any retailer whereas winnings between R2 000 and R50 000 need to be redeemed at the Post Office. Prizes valued at over R50 000 can be claimed at any of the Ithuba regional offices.